Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

About Me ♥

Welcome to my blog! Littlecupcakes is a blog about beauty, life, fun and cute little things. Mostly about beauty product reviews. All of my reviews are based on my experience, and purely talks about my opinions.

My name is Anita. Indonesian. Live in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. I am a college student, a daughter, a wife and a young mom. I love pink, vintage, make up, skincare, cute stuffs, traveling, spend my time with my family and reading. I started blogging since June’12.  The reason I make a beauty blog because I want to share my opinion about make-up, skin care, my thoughts and my experience. I’m not a pro, so I’m glad to receive your comments, critiques and compliments.

If you want to contact me, you can add my Facebook account and my Twitter (available on my side bar). For Facebook, please let me know if you know me from this blog, so that I’ll accept your friend request.
You can contact me for sponsorship, invitation or whatever (but don't spam please) by sending message to my email : anitawidip@gmail.com

Thanks for reading my blog. If you like my blog, be my follower. Thank you.. XOXO

4 komentar:

  1. love your themes design , blog na lucu bgt.. so creative ^^

  2. halo nit...
    aq baru bikin blog, haha....blom ada isinya apa2 sih,,
    anak IT tp kok rada2 kagok ya ma beginian,wkwkk....

    1. cieee mbak raras bikin blog! :D
      udah tak follow loh mbaaak..


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