Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

HOW TO: Pop Up Your Eyes Without Falsies ♥!

O belle!
From now on, I try to give you some tips, so I make a new label: ‘’How To’’. Hope you’ll like it (●´`●). Bahaha. Do you have no time to put falsies? Do you think mascara is not enough to make your eyes pop? Or maybe you have a difficulties to put falsies in your eyes? Do you want the simpler one? Well, you may like this trick. I knew this trick from a female magazine, and I was surprised with the result. So, I would like to share to you all, pretties! Check this out (´ノ`*)

What you need:
Baby Powder
Eye curler
So simple right? ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

What you need to do:
( Do the usual way when you curl your eyelashes with mascara and eye curler, here I give you the steps, but if you’ve already knew how to do it, you can skip it (ノ‥)ノ)

Make sure that your lashes are clean and dry.
Open the eyelashes curler and place your upper lashes inside it.
Move the curler until on the base of the lashes, but not on your eyelid.. Hehehehe..
Hold the closed curler for a slow count of five.
Apply mascara.
Here is the special step,
Spread your eyelashes with a light layer of baby powder. Don’t give it too much because it will clump.
Apply mascara one more time ( to cover the white layer that is made by the baby powder)

Voilaaaa~ You’re done! (〜 ̄ ̄)
How it works with my eyelashes:

Give me your opinion about your result ;)
Thanks for reading, pals. Since this is my first how to, I’m glad to receive comments, critiques and compliments or whatever.. .Bahahaha..

8 komentar:

  1. wuaaaah aku udah cobain. Makasih infonya ya xD

    1. o ya? gimana? berhasil? hihihi.. sama2 dyta :)

    2. iya, berhasil. sampe ketawa-ketawa sendiri di depan cermin
      Soalnya aku ga bisa pake falsies >,<

    3. ahahaha, sama! aku juga ga jago pasang falsies ><
      glad to hear you success with the tips! :)

  2. waaahhh
    baru tahuuuu ada cara begini-an
    thank you yaaaaaa....
    mau praktek ah *langsung kabur ke tkp


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