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Review BB Cream Skin79 Hot Pink Label

Dear readers, ヽ(*・ω・)ノ I’m gonna give you my review. This is my first BB cream ever. LOL! Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream.  I usually use liquid foundation or creamy foundation occasionally. I’m curious to try BB cream, so I give it a try to Hot Pink, because I’ve read so many reviews about it and most of them are pros to this BB cream.

Well, I bought it online in sachet version because I wanna make sure whether it is fit to my skin or not. Hehehe. Well, this is the full-size appearance:
And this is my sample:

The texture is quite thick. Not too thick like foundation but thicker than moisturizer. It’s a bit greyish, I think. It’s easy to blend.
On the first day: Sariayu Pelembab Mawar + Hotpink + Sariayu Loose Powder = OK, it’s good in 1-2 hours… but after 2 hours, it faded on my skin >.<
BB cream only
1st Day
On the second day: I use Wardah Sunscreen Gel (to improve the SPF which is 25 only.. I want more.. hehehe) + Hotpink + Sariayu Loose Powder  = It’s better

2nd Day
Here is my review
Easy to blend. It doesn’t time consuming like when I put foundie.
Easy to absorb
Medium coverage
For you who like dewy and glowy finish, maybe you’ll like it (but don’t set it with powder because it’ll loose the glowy effect)

- I think the shade doesn’t fit to my skin.. I don’t know why but I think I just like wearing mask..
- It doesn’t fit with my dry skin. I think it’ll be good for you who have oily skin.

Personally, this BB Cream doesn’t fit to my skin, so I’m not going to buy the full sized. If you want to read the second opinion, you can read Mbak Awa’s review. She loves it and she has different opinions about this BBC. Well, cosmetic is very personal. I mean, it depends on the skin condition and many factors behind. Thanks for reading, girls 。◕‿◕。

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  1. Nit, ralat, itu bukan skin27 sayang, tp skin79.

    1. huaaaaa.. what on earth is going on bisa sampe salah gitu T.T thnks banget mbak Awaaaaa

  2. Wah greyish ya mbak, banyak juga review2 yg aq baca rata2 ngeluh ke warnanya yg greyish...

  3. iya nih deasy.. warna greyishnya bikin ga cocok buat mukaku :(

  4. Iya kak sama u,u aku malah lbh prefer k'bb cream brighfit yg natural


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