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DIY : Coffee Scrub。◕‿◕。

Yeeey! After reviewing some beauty products, now I wanna share my experience in scrubbing my body with natural ingredients. I read a teenager magazine. It says that we can make use of coffee as scrub! Woow I’m very curious to try it out! Well, I’m not a coffee addict but I love the scent of coffee. And finally, I try it and it’s been my favorite scrub ever! (beside Purbasari scrub). (。’’。)

What type of coffee should I use?
Apply the ground coffee like you usually use to make a cup of coffee! But make sure you don’t use the instant coffee sachet. I use the cheapest ground coffee in the market, only 3000-5000 rupiahs for each, and you can use it for a quite long time. I use ‘Kopi Cap Kacamata’. Hahahaha.  (*^ワ^*Pay attention to the coffee storage. Put the coffee in a plastic jar, you can use spoon to take some amounts of the coffee in a plastic plate/bowl when you want to scrub. If you don’t keep the coffee well, your coffee can be covered with moldヽ(゚Д゚)

How to make the scrub?
Super duper simple! When you take a bath, after soaping, you can dry your body with towel. But, my advice, don’t totally dry your skin! Let the water stays in your skin to keep your skin moist and not pain if you scrub your skin with coffee. After that, you can rinse the coffee off with water. (I recommend with warm water, it gives you more relaxing sensation) (●´`●)

Here are some benefits you can get from coffee scrub: (from my experiences)
It makes your skin smoother, because it removes the skin dead cells from your skin!
You’ll like the scent when you scrub it to your body! It’s like you are sunken in a cup of coffee... Lol
It makes my skin brighter! Really loves it
So, I really recommend this scrub to you, cheap and make you beautiful.. Give it a try!
me and hubby in my sister's wedding :)

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