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Dear pretties, now I’m going to have an intermezzo (I’m not going to give you a review.. Hihihi). Well, we all want happiness, aren’t we?  How do you find your happiness? Money? Being attractive? Being famous? I’ve been reading a book, no, actually it’s kind of students’ book from Cambridge. In the book, there is one chapter which talks about happiness, and it gives some reasons for happiness:

♥ family and friends    ♥ being attractive
♥ money                      ♥ growing old
♥ being married           ♥ religion
♥ helping others          ♥ intelligence
♥ your genes               ♥ not wanting more than what you’ve got
and I’ll put the order from 1-10 (1= most important)

1. Family and friends
I’m so blessed that I’m surrounded by people who care and love me. Yes, they are my family and friends. They know my weaknesses, my limitations and even my strengths. Well, indeed, sometimes we have some quarrels but no matter how terrible our fights are, we have our love to forgive each other. I think I’m a little bit introverts. I love to meet a lot of people but I prefer to have few friends to share about my privacy things. Thank you fellas, you make my world like a merry-go-round!
Here is my big family:

And my friends:

2. Being married
Again, I’m so grateful of my life because I marry a man like him. I’ve been married for 2 years and we’ve passed a lot of things. Smiles, laughs, tears, rows, but we’ve passed it! I’m really happy with my marriage. You know, I married when I was 18. There were a lot of people who underestimate our marriage. Yeaaa, I know that’s normal. They thought that we were too young to be married. But, now, we proof it! Moreover when Lio- my son- who comes in our life! I’m glad to be a mom and a wife. It’s the best experience in my life. We’re very HAPPY

3. Religion
I’m Christian, and I’m so blessed that I have a God like Him, Jesus Christ. I had a lot of problems and struggles, and He is the one who always on my side. He always forgives my faults and He gives me chances to be a better person. I’m so sanctify with His redemption. Love You, Heavenly Father!

4. Growing old
I wanna growing old with my husband, seeing how my children grow up and having grandchildren, try new things, do something good and being a better person. I wish Jesus will give me (and all of my family) physically healthy so that we can grow old together, hihihi.
5. Not wanting more that what you’ve got
I think this is the essential of everything. Not wanting more that what you’ve got. So, I’m so thankful of my condition. I think I’ve got more than I want and I believe that Jesus has been giving me everything that I need. I have friends, family, a decent house, a college life, many facilities that I’ve got and everything! A thankful heart keeps me away from hatred and jealousy.
6. Money
It’s undeniable that we need money. Indeed, money can’t buy us everything, but we still need money to be properly equipped.
7. Helping Others
I’m happy when I can help people round me to do something. I feel that my life is worth for other people. As my thankfulness, I think helping each other is our job in this world, because when God wants you to live in this world, He wants you to be a helper for each other.
8. Intelligence
I’m not that smart but I’m still happy. Wahahahaha. I’ve got the first rank in Senior High School in the National Examination and yeaaaa, it made me happy.
9. Being attractive
Well, admit it, when people say: ‘You’re beautiful/cute/sweet’, you always happy. Bahahaha. It’s like everyone’s cup of tea.
10. Genes
I’m just wondering why ‘genes’ is included in the list. We’re born not to be happy or unhappy. I think, being happy is our choice. You decide whether you happy or not. Be thankful! That’s make you always happy. Not your genes. Bahahahha.

What yours? (´▽`ʃƪ)

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    kalo gak salah harganya 39.500 ato brapa gitu. .

    1. eheheheh, kok tau ses..
      iya deh, makasi infonya ya ^^
      aku malah kegoda ma gel eyelinernya pixy nih..


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